Services for practice
Offer of services for practice at APRC Nitra


  • complex programmes for development of breeding farm animals
  • courses, trainings, briefings in all spheres of APRC Nitra
  • breeding-genetic programmes aimed at creation of efficient types of farm animals
  • progeny testing
  • paternity DNA tests of breeding animals in relation to production and quality of milk and meat, fertility and health of farm animals
  • reproduction analysis in farm animals
  • early diagnostics of pregnancy and detection of infertility by means of sonography
  • induction and synchronisation of oestrus
  • evaluation of spermatozoa quality of animals
  • complex projects of nutrition, production, conservation and utilization of feeds
  • calculation of feed rations
  • optimization of feed mixtures
  • certifications of new or special treated feeds by chemical and biological methods in vivo, in vitro, in situ
  • analyses and examination of nutritive value in feeds
  • proposals of reconstruction and modernization of stables
  • proposals of zootechnical regime on farm
  • economic analyses of the proposed restructuring in herd
  • settlement of quality parameters for all kinds of meat and meat products
  • analysis of individual and bulk samples of milk
  • milk recording in sheep, loaning of breeding rams
  • mediation of purchase of sheep and goats, analysis of sheep and goat milk and cheese
  • analysis of sheep wool, cashmere and mohair
  • proposals of optimum farming methods in farms located in regions with industrial imissions
  • elaboration of farming programmes in preserved areas of water supplies and in zones of hygienic protection of water resources
  • sale of hatching eggs and day-old and adult Japanese quails
  • extension at establishing and operation of intensive broiler rabbits breeding, brown hare farming, wild rabbit farming and game farming, including the mediation of delivery of animals from the basic stock
  • projects for managing the fish breeding facilities, including the sale or mediation in delivery of stocking fry
  • expert opinions and expertises in the field of bee-keeping
  • purchase of bee queens
  • purchase of medicaments and instruction for use of new medicaments in bee-keeping
  • analyses of bee honey and brood